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Like  a bird singing in the rain,
Let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow.
wcdRobert Louis Stevenson , Author


Today I tried to help someone
because you would have done so.
Today I tried my best
because you were so competitive.
Today I held my tongue
because you were so kind.
Today I kept trying in the face of failure
because you never gave up.
Today  I spoke up
because you disliked injustice.
Today I did not turn away
because you would have done the right thing.
Today I tried to think beyond myself
because you always thought of others.
I know that I won’t see you again
until we are both in heaven
but I tell myself that I see you
a little each day.
Every time I try to be less like me
and more like you.

wcd Karen Adam-Taylor
Zachary’s Mom
TCF-Northern Lake Co IL Chapter


You made a sketch once
of all of us as superheroes.
I framed it when you left.
I have a giant cape with a giant “M”
on it for MOM.
You drew your Dad
possessing super-laughter powers.
We study that sketch a lot,
trying to figure out how to live up
to the big “M” and “D” on or capes.
We’ve decided that maybe we can do it,
not because we can really fly
but because you drew us that way.

wcdKaren Adams-Taylor
Zachary’s Mom
Northern Lake Co IL TCF Chapter

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featherIMMORTAL SPIRIT      

Beside me once more,
In peaceful silence,
Softer than a feather
Cast adrift upon the breeze.
In memories,
Your spirit,

wcdWritten by Chris Roe - Contributed to poetscorner.com


PLEASE . . . .

Please . . . . don’t ask me if I’m over it yet.  I’ll never be ‘over it.’

Please . . . . don’t tell me he/she is in a better place.  He/she is not here.

Please . . . . don’t tell me how I feel, unless you’ve lost a child.  

Please . . . . don’t tell me to get on with my life.  I’m still here,  you’ll notice.

Please . . . . don’t ask me if I feel better.  Bereavement isn’t a condition that “clears up.”

Please . . . . don’t tell me “God never makes a mistake.”
You mean he did this on purpose?

Please . . . . don’t tell me “at least you had him/her for ‘so many years.’  What year would you choose for your son or daughter to die?

Please . . . . don’t tell me God never gives you more than you can bear. Who decides how much a person can bear?

Please . . . . just say you are sorry.

Please . . . . just say you remember him/her if you do.

Please . . . . just let me talk if I want to.

Please . . . . let me cry if I must.

Please . . . .

wcdc. The Compassionate Friends,Inc.

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